Multiple periodic trajectories in a relativistic gravitational field

  • A. Ambrosetti
  • U. Bessi
Part of the Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Their Applications book series (PNLDE, volume 4)


Let us consider the Newtonian potential:
$$U(x) = {\text{ }}\frac{1}{{\left| x \right|}} + \gamma w(x)$$
where γ ∈ R and W: R n R is smooth. If we want to take into account the relativistic correction to the motion of a particle under the potential U with given energy h < 0, we are led to consider a motion at the same energy governed by the potential:
$${U_\kappa }(x) = {\text{ }}\left( {1 + \frac{4}{3}hk} \right)U(x) - \kappa {U^2}(x)$$
where \(k = \frac{3}{{{c^2}}}\) , c being the speed of light (cfr. chap 2, §8 of 6).


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  • U. Bessi
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