A Review of the Land Battle Models Used at DOAE and Some Applications

  • D. Faddy


The Defence Operational Analysis Establishment was established to assist decision making in the Ministry of Defence by providing analytical advice. The types of decision involved are best illustrated by examples. In the first place there are decisions related to the allocation of scarce resources for the procurement of particular types of equipment rather than alternative options. Examples of studies for equipment decisions are those of the mix of anti-armour weapons in the battle group and USGW versus torpedoes for the attack of ships. Other decisions for which DOAE carries out studies involve rather wider questions of Defence policy affecting a whole range of equipments and units and which may not directly involve cost. An example is the analysis of possible MBFR options. As DOAE’s analytical capability develops it is becoming involved with questions of wider and wider scope, and in particular with problems of force structure.


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