The NATO Science Programme and Aims of the Conference

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On behalf of all conference participants I would like to thank General Bernhard for his interesting words. I guess, from our own experience we all appreciate General Bernhard’s remarks on the communications gap between scientist and managers. As present chairman of the SPECIAL PROGRAMME PANEL ON SYSTEMS SCIENCE I can assure him that the panel is aware of this deficiency. It has led the panel to explicitely state in its objectives, that it address itself to an understanding of this gap and the means of bridging it. However, we think, that the gap is not merely one of communication, it is also — and perhaps even more — one of mutual understanding and cooperation. While Systems Scientists sometimes approach problems in a rather normative manner, often making strong assumptions which disregard the actual contraints and implications of the environment in which decision-makers must function, the Decision-Makers sometimes are not aware of the broader context of their choices and activities. Thus, improved cooperation, not only between scientists, but between scientists and decision-makers seems to be the issue. We are therefore happy to take up General Bernhard’s recommendation of addressing the problem of interaction between decision-makers and scientists in course of our conference.


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