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Whole-rock Geochemistry

  • N. M. S. Rock


As in Chapter 4, this chapter concentrates on descriptive geochemistry; interpretation is left to Chapter 8. Table 5.1 presents averages for the various branches and rock-types (Fig.1.2), based on data for over 5,000 specimens contained in LAMPDA (Appendix D). Because coverage varies so much (e.g. some specimens are analyzed only for major elements, some only for isotopes), numbers of values for individual variables vary greatly within Table 5.1, and are therefore clearly annotated. For KIL, averages calculated from LAMPDA are basically in agreement with the consensus of published averages (e.g. Dawson 1980; R.H.Mitchell 1986; Bergman 1987), so the latter are reproduced in Table 5.1.


Discriminant Function Initial Ratio Radiogenic Isotope Simple Discrimination Trace Element Ratio 
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