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An Approach to the Chemical Quantitation of Kinins for the Assay of Kininogenases

  • B. T. Khouw
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB)


A method was developed for the rapid isolation and identification of kallidin produced by hog pancreatic kallikrein on a partially purified bovine plasma kininogen preparation. By means of a reversed phase chromatography on a C18-silica gel column, kallidin was rapidly concentrated from the reaction mixture, and subsequently resolved on a thin-layer plate of silica gel 60. Fluorescamine was used to locate the kinin. Efforts to elute the kinin from the TLC plates for quantitation were not successful.


Reversed Phase Chromatography Chemical Quantitation Fluorescent Spot Rapid Isolation Urinary Kallikrein 
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