Presentation of a Film on the “Central Effects of Bradykinin”

  • M. Rocha e Silva
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It was indeed the extraordinary kindness of the Japanese people in general, and most especially of Profs. Suzuki, Moriya, Katori, and all those mentioned in the Program, who made this Symposium a real feast of understanding, cordiality and exchange of information in the Kinin-field. It is a great pleasure to be present to this new Symposium on Kinins — Kinin 78 Tokyo. Soon we may start to stress the year with a subscript, because this year we had at least one more meeting in Paris, in July 1978 on Concepts of Kinin Research organized by Profs. G. Haberland and U. Hamberg, and that filled a whole Saturday, immediately after the mammoth VII International Congress of Pharmacology.


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