Testing the Higgs Sector and the Three Vector Boson Coupling with Electroweak Boson Pairs

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Electroweak vector boson pairs can be used to test the Higgs sector and the vector boson self-interactions of the Standard Model. They also constitute a background to new physics signals at future colliders. This is illustrated by vector boson pair production at large transverse momentum in hadronic collisions which may be a background which is relevant for Higgs tagging. The usefulness of electroweak boson pairs to probe the structure of the three vector boson vertex is demonstrated by W γ production at the Tevatron. For an integrated luminosity of 100 pb−1 the WW γ vertex can be measured with 25–40% accuracy in \(p\bar p \) collisons at \(\sqrt s = 1.8TeV\).


Higgs Boson Transverse Momentum Invariant Mass Vector Boson Helicity Amplitude 
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