Structural Analysis of the Rhodobacter capsulatus bchC Bacteriochlorophyll Biosynthesis Gene

  • Cheryl L. Wellington
  • J. Thomas Beatty
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The tetrapyrrole pigment bacteriochlorophyll (bchl) a is an essential photopigment in Rhodobacter capsulatus, being necessary for transfer of light energy between the three pigment-protein complexes in the photosynthetic apparatus and for charge separation in the photosynthetic reaction center (RC) (for reviews see Drews, 1985; Kiley and Kaplan, 1988). Because mutants blocked in bchl biosynthesis fail to accumulate the structural polypeptides of the RC and light-harvesting (LH) complexes when grown under conditions that would normally induce the formation of the photosynthetic apparatus (Dierstein, 1983; Klug et al., 1986) and are also impaired in carotenoid accumulation under low oxygen conditions (Biel and Marrs, 1985), it is accepted that the production of bchl is required for formation of many of the components of the photosynthetic apparatus. Therefore, an improved understanding of the mechanism and regulation of bchl synthesis would enhance our understanding of the biogenesis of the photosynthetic apparatus.


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