Molecular Biology of the Rhodobacter Sphaeroides Flagellum

  • R. Elizabeth Sockett
  • Jocelyn C. A. Foster
  • Judith P. Armitage
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The first experiments on the motility of bacteria were conducted by the German scientist Theodore Engelmann in the 1880’s. He cultured purple photosynthetic bacteria (probably Chromatium and Rhodospirillum species) from the River Rhine and noted that they swam rapidly around their illuminated environment in a series of stops, turns, and startsl. Since those times there has been considerable interest in the structure and function of flagella from non-photosynthetic bacteria but little interest in the flagella of photosynthetic species.


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  • R. Elizabeth Sockett
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  • Jocelyn C. A. Foster
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  • Judith P. Armitage
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