Gene Structure, Organisation and Expression of the Light-Harvesting B800-850 α and β Polypeptides in Photosynthetic Bacteria

  • Monier Habib Tadros
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Members of the phototrophic non-sulfer purple bacteria produce ATP either by oxidative phosphorylation when growing aerobically in the dark or by photophosphorylation when grown anaerobically in the light. During the differentiation of the photosynthetic intracytoplasmic membrane, three pigment-protein complexes, besides other membrane bound complexes and cofactors, are synthesized. These are the photochemical reaction center (RC) and the light-harvesting antenna complexes B870 (LHI) and B800-850 (LHII). The light-harvesting complexes absorb light energy which is then directed to the photochemical reaction center with high efficiency.


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