Physical Mapping of the Genome of Rhodobacter Capsulatus

  • J. C. Williams
  • B. L. Marrs
  • S. Brenner
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Among the photosynthetic bacteria, Rhodobacter capsulatus has been particularly well characterized genetically (reviewed in Scolnik and Marrs, 1987). By a variety of fine structure genetic mapping techniques, it has been previously determined that most of the genes involved in the synthesis of the photosynthetic apparatus in this organism are clustered in a small region of the genome (Yen and Marrs, 1976), and that region has been cloned (Marrs, 1981; Taylor, et al., 1983)) and some of the genes sequenced (Youvan, et al., 1984). Mapping by R plasmid-mediated conjugation has produced a circular linkage map of the chromosome (Willison, et al., 1985). A detailed study of the overall organization of the chromosome of R. capsulatus should assist in the understanding of the global regulation of its genes, and the availability in cloned form of all parts of the genome will facilitate the identification and sequencing of additional genes. Towards these ends we are determining a physical map of the chromosome of R. capsulatus.


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  • B. L. Marrs
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  1. 1.Molecular Genetics UnitMedical Research CouncilCambridgeEngland
  2. 2.Central Research and Development Department, Experimental StationE. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.WilmingtonUSA

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