Interacting Electron Gas in Metals

  • K. S. Singwi
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 17)


In these lectures I propose to discuss the behavior of an interacting electron gas in the “Jellium” model of a metal. Results, which we shall obtain on the basis of this model, are indeed applicable to simple metals. In this connection, I would derive an expression for the wave number and frequency dependent dielectric function of the electron gas, the latter, as you perhaps know, playss an important role in all transport phenomena in metals and in the calculation of other interesting physicalp properties. In deriving th is expression, I shall use the equation of motion method rather than the more fashionable diagrammatic technique. Using the latter technique, although very powerful and suggestive, not muchP rogress has been made since the important work of Hubbard [ 1]. I shall closely follow the approach as developed by Singwi et al [2]. We shall also attempt to establish the connection between our work and that of Hohenberg, Kohn and Sham [3, 4]. As occasion arises, I shall point out some of the unsolved problems.


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