Forest Inventories as the Basis for a Continuous Monitoring of Forest Biomass Resources

  • T. Cunia
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The forest biomass constitutes an important part of the total biomass resources. According to Milescu and Axente (1969), it is estimated that approximately 4 out of the 13 billion hectares of land on earth (excluding the arctic and antarctic regions) is occupied by forest; that is, about 30 percent of the land is forest land. This is an average percent applicable to the entire earth. If a breakdown by large geographical areas is desired, it is estimated that the percent of forest land is about 20 for Asia (excluding Siberia), 25 for Africa, 30 for Europe (excluding Russia) and Oceania (including Australia), 34 for USSR (including Siberia) and about 42 percent for the North and South America combined.


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