Density Functionals for Coulomb Systems

  • Elliott H. Lieb
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The idea of trying to represent the ground state (and perhaps some of the excited states as well) of atomic, molecular, and solid state systems in terms of the diagonal part of the one-body reduced density matrix ρ(x) is an old one. It goes back at least to the work of Thomas [1] and Fermi [2] in 1927. In 1964 the idea was conceptually extended by Hohenberg and Kohn (HK) [3]. Since then many variations on the theme have been introduced. As the present article is not meant to be a review, I shall not attempt to list the papers in the field. Some recent examples of applications are Refs. 4 and 5. Some recent examples of theoretical papers which will play a role here are Refs. 6–12. A bibliography can be found in the recent review article of Bamzai and Deb [13].


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