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The Estrous Cycle

  • Robert D. Lisk


The golden hamster Mesocricetus auratus was described as a new species and originally named Cricetus auratus by Waterhouse (1839). Laboratory colonies of the golden hamster both in Europe and America originate from a single capture from the wild by Mr. I. Aharoni of the Department of Zoology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, who dug up a litter of eight animals near Aleppo, Syria in 1930. One male and two females survived and were bred (Adler, 1948). The animals were utilized by Dr. C. Adler working on parasitological problems in Jerusalem with support from the Royal Society. Offspring from these three original litter mates were shipped by Dr. Adler to the College de France, Paris, Medical Research Council and Welcome Bureau of Scientific Research, England, and eventually to America during World War II.


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