Metabolic Encephalopathies

  • L. Battistin
  • M. Dam


Metabolic encephalopathies (MEs) is a nonspecific term that includes a large group of neurological disorders characterized by metabolic derangement that affects the CNS and other organs as well, absence of mass lesions of the brain, aspecificity of neurological symptoms, and potential reversibility. MEs can be divided into inherited, i.e., secondary to an abnormality of metabolism, and acquired, usually produced by underlying diseases of organs or systems. Cerebral metabolic derangement need not depend upon an organic pathology, as it may represent an episodic accident during the life of healthy individuals (e.g., hypoxia from a foreign body in the trachea, CO poisoning). Most likely, there is a systemic disease that, if chronic, makes the ME a potential complication, always impending and life-threatening. In this case, the ME is the end result of multiple pathogenetic factors acting in concert to alter CNS functional activity. Nevertheless, ME may be caused by a single specific alteration; for instance, lack or excess of glucose is sufficient to produce cerebral disturbances.


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