Spectroscopic Studies of Defects in Ionic and Semi-Ionic Solids

  • Johann-Martin Spaeth
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The investigation of point defects in solids is of increasing importance for that part of solid state physics which often is referred to as ‘materials science’. A small concentration of impurities or native defects can dominate many important bulk properties like electrical conductivity and optical and mechanical properties. For the development of materials for specific applications it is decisive to understand the defect structure. In ‘simple’ hosts like the alkali halides, the properties of ‘model’ defects like the F centre or atomic hydrogen on various sites have been studied in great detail and are rather well understood. The experimental tools were mostly spectroscopic techniques, which were to a great deal developed alongside with these studies. Currently the interest has focussed more on the application of these techniques to more complicated systems like hosts of a more complicated atomic structure, of semi-ionic or covalent nature and more complicated defects, be it due to the nature of the impurity, aggregation of impurities or of impurities and intrinsic defects, low symmetry etc.


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