Experimental Studies of Point Defects: The Example of Crystals with the Fluorite Structure

  • A. V. Chadwick
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In the preceeding chapter Corish presented a broad survey of the types of defect that are found in solids. Later chapters will describe in depth the techniques that are currently available for the investigation of these defects. The objective of this chapter is to take a general view of point defects in ionic solids; to consider some of the typical problems and to show how they can be resolved by modern techniques. This will include a discussion of the fundamental questions of the nature of the defects, their concentrations and energetics and also subsiduary questions such as the effects of impurities on the defects and the mechanisms of defect migration. In order to give some framework to the discussion the case of defects in crystals with the fluorite structure will be taken as the example. These materials exhibit a broad spectrum of defect behaviour, from simple to complex, and have been studied by a very wide range of techniques, both experimental and theoretical.


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