Transport Studies Using NMR

  • M. Terenzi
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A renewed interest has been devoted in the past several years to the investigation of diffusion in solids, mainly because of the influence transport phenomena have on a variety of solid-state properties of technological relevance, and possibly because of the challenging physics involved. The interest in this field is rapidly growing as evidenced by a number of international conferences being held at frequent intervals and by the large number of articles and reviews for which it is not possible to give a comprehensive and up-to-date bibliography. Possibly, from this point of view, a convenient suggestion is to refer the reader to reference [l], a periodical journal reporting the abstracts of up-to-date published papers on diffusion (in solids as well as in liquids). Considerable progress has been made with the development of new and convenient experimental techniques suitable for the study of diffusion in solids, in the same time the development of theoretical models and analysis afford a deeper insight of the diffusion processes.


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