Exact Results for pp and pp̄ Diffraction Scattering at High Energies

  • A. Martin
Part of the The Subnuclear Series book series (SUS, volume 20)


The CERN colliders offer a unique opportunity to test general consequences of analyticity and unitarity of scattering amplitudes obtained during the period 1960 to 1975, and considered at the time as very remote from experiment. The ISR, allowing a comparison of pp and \(p\bar p\) amplitudes and total cross-sections at energies from 12 + 12 to 31 + 31 GeV makes it possible to test the Pomeranchuck theorem and its generalizations. The SPS collider makes it possible to explore a new range of energies, 540 GeV c.m. (equivalent to 150 000 GeV lab energy) and test asymptotic bounds and high energy models. In fact there is some possibility to run at 400 + 400 GeV equivalent to 340 000 GeV lab energy.


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