Sustained-Release Systems for Livestock Pest Control

  • J. A. Miller
  • S. E. Kunz
  • D. D. Oehler


Insects, ticks, and mites cost the livestock industry an estimated $3 billion annually.1 Two-thirds of this loss is suffered by the beef cattle industry. Despite continued interest in alternate methods of control, insecticide treatments are currently the most widely used and most effective means of control of these pests. It appears that pesticides will continue to be a vital part of the producers’ defense despite the inherent problems of chemical control. Although pesticides may not be the sole control method, they are likely to be a major tool in pest-management systems.


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  • S. E. Kunz
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  • D. D. Oehler
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  1. 1.U.S. Livestock Insects Laboratory Agricultural ResearchScience and Education Administration USDAKerrvilleUSA

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