Synthesis and Properties of Urea Formaldehyde Resins Generating 2,6-Dichlorobenzonitrile

  • Etienne H. Schacht
  • Guido E. Desmarets
  • Eric J. Goethals


One approach to the design of pesticide formulations with controlled-release properties is the combination of the biocide with polymers. This concept has been discussed in detail in various review articles. A large variety of polymers has been used for this purpose, among them urea formaldehyde resins.1–3 The urea formaldehyde resins have certain benefits as carrier systems for biocides. Besides the relatively low cost, they are known to degrade slowly when applied to the soil4 and so have been proposed as slow-release nutritients for horticultural crops.5 The urea-formaldehyde prepolymer contains reactive groups and consequently, apart from physical combinations, chemical combinations with pesticides having appropriate functional groups may be prepared as well.


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  • Etienne H. Schacht
    • 1
  • Guido E. Desmarets
    • 1
  • Eric J. Goethals
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  1. 1.State University of GentLaboratory of Organic ChemistryGentBelgium

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