Static Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements on Small Solid Samples

  • A. Van den Bosch


An apparatus for the precise measurement of the magnetic susceptibility of small solid samples has been described in Volume 5 of the Vacuum Microbalance Techniques series. The striking part of the setup is a vacuum microbalance with a sensitivity of about 10−4 dyne. The aim of this contribution is to emphasize the need for such a balance. This is achieved by discussing measurements. In particular an analysis of the apparent susceptibilities of an impure MgO crystal is given, leading to a value of the diamagnetic susceptibility more negative than the one found in the literature. Furthermore, some data are reported on the paramagnetic compound Cs2MnCl4.


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  • A. Van den Bosch
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  1. 1.Solid State Physics DepartmentS. C. K. - C. E. N. MolBelgium

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