Integrated Acoustic Array

  • K. R. Erikson
  • R. Zuleeg


A fully integrated 8 × 8 element acoustic array module has been fabricated and its electro-acoustic performance measured. The matrix of 2 × 2 mm hydrophones is sawcut into a 3 MHz fundamental resonance frequency Y-cut LiNbO3 wafer. Dual-gate deep depletion mode IGFET’s are used with each element of the array for addressing and amplification. This integrated circuitry is contained on a single silicon on sapphire wafer and is bonded to the piezoelectric material in one processing operation. Addressing terminals are available along one edge of the array with signal outputs along another edge.

At 1 MHz in a water medium, the sensitivity was measured to be -115 dBV/micro Pascal and the minimum detectable acoustical intensity was measured to be 27 nano watt/cm2. The dual gate cascode amplifier provides 15 dB of voltage gain with a 15k ohm load resistor and has a feedback capacitance of 0.05 of, which provides flat frequency response to 5 MHz.


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  • R. Zuleeg
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  2. 2.McDonnell Douglas Astronautics CompanyHuntington BeachUSA

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