The Use of Ultrasound Methods to Detect Changes in Breast Tissue Which Precede the Formation of a Malignant Tumor

  • E. Kelly Fry


The approach taken, to date, by most investigators studying the use of ultrasound visualization for breast examination has been traditional, namely: span the region of the palpable mass; compare the imaging pattern of the mass, as it appears on the echogram, to known features of benign and malignant tumors, such as wall contours; attempt to identify the physical character of the mass by its effect on reflection and transmission of the ultrasound beam; and finally, strive to detect smaller and smaller masses using this approach. In view of the fact that there is a large population of women presently harboring an undetected malignant mass within their breasts and in consideration of the statistical data on life span of the breast cancer patient in relation to, size of the tumor within the breast at the time of initial treatment, this approach is valid.1–3 However, in consideration of the known systemic nature of breast cancer, that removal of the breast is still the primary treatment even under the circumstances of identification of minimal malignant masses, and in view of the Potential of ultrasound to detect pre-malignant changes in breast tissue, this limited approach is not sufficient.


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