Chemical Light Product Research and Development

  • Michael M. Rauhut


Chemiluminescence research was initiated in the Author’s laboratory in 1961 with the objective of developing efficient chemical lighting systems for use in practical lighting applications. The preliminary phase of the program consisted of market research, feasibility analysis and selection of an optimum research approach.


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    Principle contributors to Cyanamid’s Chemical Light Research and Development Program include: Dr. M. T. Beachem, Dr. L. J. Bollyky, Dr. T. Brownlee, Dr. D. Maulding, Dr. A. G. Mohan, Mr. A. M. Semsel, Mr. R. L. Narburgh, Mr. B. G. Roberts, Mr. J. F. Russ, Dr. D. Sheehan, Mrs. M. L. Vega and Mr. R. Whitman. We appreciate support of this program by the Advanced Research Projects Agency under contract to the Office of Naval Research and by the U. S. Naval Ordnance Systems Command under contracts to the U. S. Naval Ordnance Laboratory and to the U. S. Naval Weapons Center.Google Scholar
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    Market research was carried out principally by Dr. A. M. Swift and Dr. R. R. Miron.Google Scholar
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