A Mathematical Foundation for System Synthesis

  • Janet A. Fertig
  • Ricardo N. Zapata
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 5)


Many systems engineering methodologies have been developed in the past twenty years in order to attack societal problems. Such methodologies generally include the following phases in a system design project:
  1. 1)

    definition of the problem;

  2. 2)

    synthesis of candidate solutions, if any;

  3. 3)

    comparison of alternative solutions; selection of “best” alternative;

  4. 4)

    implementation of solution; etc.



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  • Janet A. Fertig
    • 1
  • Ricardo N. Zapata
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Engineering Science and SystemsUniversity of VirginiaCharlottesvilleUSA

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