A 3.6°K Reciprocating Refrigerator

  • R. W. BreckenridgeJr.
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Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 14)


The development of a unique 2 W, 77°K refrigerator has recently been reported in the literature [1,2]. This machine was a high-speed, reciprocating device which operated on the reversed Brayton cycle. Its salient features were an electromechanical drive system which rotated and reciprocated the compressor and expander pistons. This rotary-stroking motion permitted the use of self-acting gas bearings to support the pistons and ports in the cylinder walls to control gas flows. This work demonstrated the feasibility of the concept, showed that such devices have low power requirements, and that they can be made relatively small and light in weight.


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