An Analysis of the Stirling-Cycle Refrigerator

  • P. A. Rios
  • J. L. SmithJr.
  • E. B. Qvale
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 14)


Although there can be many configurations for a Stirling-cycle refrigerator, the two-cylinder type, as shown In Fig. 1, is most useful for analysis purposes because it represents the most general case. It consists of two cylinders which receive or expel gas through an adjacent heat exchanger. These exchangers are then connected by a regenerator. Since there are no valves in this refrigerator, the pressure will remain approximately uniform throughout.


Heat Exchanger Phase Angle Mass Variation Dead Volume Regenerator Matrix 
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  • J. L. SmithJr.
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  • E. B. Qvale
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  2. 2.Purdue UniversityLafayetteUSA

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