Single-Tube Heat Transfer Tests with Liquid Hydrogen

  • H. H. Walters
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 6)


The increasing use of liquid hydrogen as a fuel has created the need for basic forced convection heat transfer information that can be used for hydrogen system component design. This paper describes a heat transfer test program in which a single-tube heat transfer apparatus was used to determine heat transfer coefficients to boiling liquid hydrogen, The test work was performed at the Cryogenic Test Facility near Boron, California, which is operated for the Air Force by the Garrett Corporation, Since the tests were conducted with existing liquid hydrogen storage and circulation equipment, the pressure and flow regimes investigated were determined by the equipment capabilities. This allowed measurements to be made at pressures up to 40 psia and flow rates up to about 5 lbs per min through a 0.25 in, ID test section, The data given in this paper covers saturated liquid Reynolds numbers from 220.000 to 660,000 at pressures from 1.6 to 2.2 atmospheres.


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