A Durable and Reliable Test Stand System for High-Accuracy Temperature Measurements in the Cryogenic Ranges of Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen

  • J. W. Ladd
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 6)


Early in. the development planning for liquid hydrogen-oxygen rocket engines, it became apparent that routine high accuracy temperature measurements in the cryogenic ranges of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen would be necessary. Although these measurements had been accomplished in research laboratories, “ruggedized” sensors and associated equipment suitable for continued used in outdoor test stands had to be developed. The culmination of a long and costly sensor evaluation and component development program is a ruggedized system that will, with individual calibration, provide measurement accuracy of ± 0.1°R. Practical application of large quantities of these systems, however, in support of an active and extensive development program involves unavoidable component interchange-ability and mass data reduction tolerances. These factors, of course, result in somewhat less accuracy; however, measurements to better than ± 0.25°R have become routine.


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