Low-Temperature Characteristics of Some Commercial Thermocouples

  • R. L. Powell
  • L. P. CaywoodJr.
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 7)


The thermocouple calibration project has been completed for commercially available thermocouple materials. Earlier papers reported the results on gold—cobalt and constantan vs. copper or “normal silver” [1, 2]. This report is on two types of constantan vs. iron (ISA types J and Y) and Alumel vs. Chromel (ISA type K). In addition to the detailed calibration tables, there is a quantitative discussion of the thermoelectric inhomogeneitles caused by variations between different lots of wire. Data are also given for a less satisfactory commercial thermocouples gold—palladium vs. platinum—iridium. None of the thermocouple systems reported on here prove to be as useful as those tested earlier [1, 2].


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