A Gas-Shielded Storage and Transport Vessel for Liquid Helium

  • P. J. Murto
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 7)


With the increased emphasis on the use of liquid helium for laboratory and industrial applications, the need for suitable storage and shipping vessels to handle this fluid has also increased. Helium’s low heat of vaporization of 2.4 Btu/liter, compared with that of hydrogen (30 Btu/liter) and nitrogen (152 Btu/liter) mandates the need for well-insulated systems to prevent excessive loss of liquid product during transportation and storage. Other considerations concern the over-all weight, size and design of such a vessel as it applies to transportation costs, maneuverability, handling ease, and operation. It is with these factors in mind that the following discussion has been prepared describing the requirements, design, and thermal performance of a 100-liter, gas-shielded, liquid-helium storage and transport vessel.


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