Functions for the Calculation of Entropy, Enthalpy, and Internal Energy for Real Fluids Using Equations of State and Specific Heats

  • J. G. Hust
  • A. L. Gosman
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 9)


Several recent publications [1–5] from this laboratory on the calculation of thermodynamic properties of cryogenic fluids contain various relations for the determination of entropy, enthalpy, and internal energy. Considerable interest has been expressed about the derivation and application of these equations; this interest generally results from the fact that standard texts on thermodynamics are, almost without exception, inadequate in the presentation of material on the calculation of thermodynamic properties. The purpose of this paper is to derive the functions necessary for the calculation of these properties. These derivations are intended to give the reader a better understanding of the methods of calculating thermodynamic properties and thus of the limitations of the tables so produced.


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  • J. G. Hust
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  • A. L. Gosman
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