Bell System Visual Communications Systems

  • E. Goldstein
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AT&T is presently engaged in a market exploration program to determine what future action the Bell System should take in regard to switched visual telecommunications services. This program consists of market research, market trials, technical developments and long range planning. These activities include a number of integrated projects involving both intracity and intercity visual services. We are investigating the visual communications needs of such markets as criminal justice, advertising, education and health care delivery. These projects have progressed to varying stages but the most advanced are the market trial for criminal justice applications and an intercity visual conferencing (PICTUREPHONE® Meeting Service) project which is studying the use of intercity visual conferencing. Picturephone Meeting Service involves video equipment substantially different from Picturephone Service. This paper summarizes our experiences to date with Picturephone® Service in the Criminal Justice System and Picturephone® Meeting Service. Included also are some comments about the potential outlook for visual communications for the next 5 to 10 years.


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