Stroma-Free Hemoglobin Solutions Prepared by Crystallization and Ultrafiltration Methods; Comparison of Composition and Coronary Vasoconstrictor Potency

  • Mia E. Lang
  • B. Korecky
  • P. J. Anderson
  • G. P. Biro
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 277)


Stromafree hemoglobin solution (SFHS), obtained by osmotic lysis of human erythrocytes, has been proposed as a ‘blood substitute’ (Rabiner, 1975). Its long-term usefulness is limited by the high oxygen affinity and short intravascular retention of the native hemoglobin (Kaplan and Murthy, 1975; Moss et al., 1976; DeVenuto et al., 1977). A further limiting factor was found to be the coronary vasoconstrictor activity found to be present in various SFHS preparations, even after substantial dilution (Vogel et al., 1986; Biro et al., 1988). This vasoconstrictor activity should have been anticipated from the findings in the neurosurgical literature (Toda et al., 1980; Okwuasaba, et al., 1981; Boullin et al., 1983), showing that hemolysate is a powerful constrictor of cerebral blood vessels.


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  • B. Korecky
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  • P. J. Anderson
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  • G. P. Biro
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