Microcapsule Drug Delivery Systems

  • Joseph A. Bakan
Part of the Polymer Science and Technology book series (POLS, volume 8)


Microencapsulation, a new and rapidly expanding technology pioneered by the NCR Corporation, is receiving considerable attention both industrially and academically. Microencapsulation is a process designed to reproducibly apply thin polymeric coatings to small particles of solids, droplets of liquid (pure or solutions), or dispersions. For the purposes of this discussion, microencapsulation will be arbitrarily differentiated from macrocoating techniques in that the former involves the coating of particles ranging dimensionally from several tenths of a micron to 5, 000 microns in size. A unique feature of this micropackaging technique is in the minuteness of the coated particles and their subsequent potential usefulness in handling physiologically active materials in a variety of dose forms.


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