Brain Gangliosides in Development

  • G. Tettamanti
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 13)


Gangliosides are glycosphingolipids containing sialic acid (primarily N-acetyl-neuraminic acid). They are present in brain in different forms, which differ in the pattern of fatty acids and sphingosines, and in the number and sequence of units forming the carbohydrate portion of the molecule. The main series of known gangliosides are distinguished on the basis of the common neutral glycosphingolipid moiety (*): a) G 3 series, galac-tosyl-β(1–4)glucosyl-β(1–1)ceramide; b) G 2 series, N-acetyl-galactosaminyl-β(1–4)galactosyl-β(1–4)glucosyl-β(1–1)ceramide; c) G 1 series, galactosyl-β(1–3)N-acetyl-galactosaminyl-β(1–4)galactosyl-β(1–4)glucosyl-β(1–1)c e-ramide. The G 3 and G 2 series contain gangliosides having one (GM3 and GM2) or two (GD3 and GD2) residues of sialic acid; the G 1 series contains gangliosides having one (GM1), two (GD1a and GD1b), three (GT1a and GT1b), and four (GQ1) residues of sialic acid.


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