Multiple Point Formulas for Maps

  • Steven L. Kleiman
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 24)


Let f: X → Y be a map. Its set of r-fold points is
$$\begin{array}{*{20}{c}} {{{\text{M}}_{{\text{r}}}}{\text{ = }}\{ {\text{x}}\varepsilon {\text{X|}}} & {{\text{there}} {\text{exist}}} & {{{\text{x}}_{2}},...,{{\text{x}}_{{\text{r}}}}} & {{\text{with}}} & {{\text{f(}}{{\text{x}}_{{\text{i}}}}){\text{ = f}}({\text{x}})\} ;} \\ \end{array}$$
the xi must be distinct from x and from each other, but they may lie “infinitely close” (that is, determine tangent directions along the fiber f-1f(x)). An r-fold-point formula is a polynomial expression in the invariants of f which gives, under appropriate hypotheses, the number of r-fold points, weighted by natural multiplicities, or the class mr of a natural positive cycle supported by Mr. The theory of these formulas will be surveyed here, concentrating on some of the author’s recent work, Kleiman [1981b], [1982]. Aside from a few comments, the setting will be algebraic geometry, although the formulas and their proofs have a universal character.


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