Valediction Immunocontraception — From Romance to Reality

  • V. Ramalingaswami
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One of Dr. G.P. Talwar’s Dramatis Personnae is a male baboon by the name of Hanuman, who successfully inseminated a female baboon by the name of Radha soon after successful termination of a previous pregnancy induced by passive immunization with anti β-hCG antibody. Radha gave birth to a female offspring named Baby Radha, now thriving at 5 years of age. I have had the opportunity of visiting this family from time to time at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Hanuman in the great Indian Epic, Ramayana, is an embodiment of courage, strength and loyalty. He was not known to have had any children and is often seen in pictures carrying a mountain with a luxuriant growth of medicinal herbs on it. Radha in Indian mythology is a woman of beauty and grace in spiritual love with Krishna. Hanuman and Radha in the Indian tradition portray qualities of courage, daring, grace and beauty.


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