Effect of Immunization of Primates Against Porcine Zonae on Fertility and Hormone Profiles

  • Suman
  • A. K. Bamezai
  • C. Das
  • G. P. Talwar
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Zona pellucida, the acellular glycoprotein envelope which surrounds the mammalian oocyte, has attracted attention as a possible antigen for immuno-contraceptive purposes. This interest is based on the demonstration that the zona pellucida contains at least one tissue specific antigen, as observed by immuno-diffusion and immunofluorescence (Sacco and Shivers 1978; Sacco 1981), SDS gel electrophoresis (Dunbar and Raynor 1980; Dunbar et al. 1981) and radio-immunoassay (Palm et al. 1979; Subramanian et al. 1981; Sacco et al. 1981; Gerrity et al. 1981).


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  • A. K. Bamezai
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  • C. Das
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  • G. P. Talwar
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