Monoclonal Antibodies Against Human Sperm

  • Gurpreet Singh
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We have developed a number of monoclonal antibodies (MoAb) against human sperm. 4 of them have been characterized to some extent. In the indirect immunofluorescence, clone C., reacts with acrogome, Clone F11G1 reacts with the main tail piece, C1one 6SPB6 stains the whole sperm and Clone A3 stains the equatorial segment as well as the entire tail. None of the 4 MoAbs give reaction with human peripheral blood lymphocytes, human erythrocytes or human serum proteins in the sandwich type enzyme immunoassay. MoAb F11 G1 cross-reacts with monkey and baboon sperm but not with mice, rat or hamster epididymal sperm. MoAb 6SPB6 and A3 react with human, monkey and baboon sperm strongly but weakly with rat sperm. However, MoAb C1 was found to react only with human sperm. Their efficacy to prevent fertilization is being tested in vitro in zona-free hamster egg system and in baboons in vivo.

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  • Gurpreet Singh
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