Small Angle Neutron Scattering an NDE Tool

  • C. T. Oien


Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) is a method where the very small angle neutron scattering (2 θ ≈2° to 5°) profile from test specimens is recorded and analyzed. The analysis of the scattering profile is very similar to that already developed extensively for x-ray scattering. The method provides micro-structure information on test samples which correlates very well with traditional microstucture analysis methods like TEM and SEM. The main difference and advantage of SANS is that it is a bulk measurement as opposed to thin film or surface. Recent developments in the application of this powerful analytic tool have provided the potential to use this technique as an NDE tool. This paper presents a brief overview of the SANS technique, the developments which may allow the application of this technique to NDE problems, and a few examples of how this technique is being utilized at Sandia National Laboratories (SNLL) and elsewhere for microstructure investigation.


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