Macrophages and Cancer Metastasis

  • Isaiah J. Fidler
  • George Poste
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 155)


Metastasis is the principal cause of failure in the treatment of cancer. There are several reasons for the failure to treat metastasis. First, at time of diagnosis and excision of primary tumors, metastasis may have already occurred, but the lesions are often too small to be detected. Moreover, widespread dissemination of metastases frequently takes place before symptoms of disease occur. Second, the anatomic location of many metastases may limit the effective dose of therapeutic agents that can be delivered to the lesions without being toxic to normal tissues or the host. The most formidable problem, however, is the heterogeneous nature of malignant neoplasms which leads to the rapid emergence of metastases that are resistant to conventional therapy (1,2).


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  1. 1.Cancer Metastasis and Treatment LaboratoryNCI-Frederick Cancer Research FacilityFrederickUSA
  2. 2.Smith Kline and French LaboratoriesPhiladelphiaUSA

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