The Distribution and the Projected Density of Stars around a Black Hole in the Centre of a Globular Cluster

  • Guang Zhong Xie


One of the astrophysical topics of great interest is the black hole. Already two middle mass (~ 1 M) black holes, in Cygnus and Vela, are well established. For example the compact X-ray source in Cyganus has a lower mass limit of about 5. Now the upper mass-limits for compact stars are well below this value: (i) the Chandrasekhar limit for white dwarfs and cold neutron stars ~ 1.4 M; (ii) the Oppenbeimer-Volkoff limit for hot neutron stars with no other interactions considered ~ 2.2 M; and (iii) the Fang-Ruffini limit for neutron stars under the most general conditionsu ~ 3.2 M. Thus Cygnus Xl is probably a black hole*.


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