The Application of Technology for Energy Conservation in Industry

  • W. M. Currie
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 9)


In these lectures I shall be concerned with the achievement of more efficient industrial energy utilisation through the development and application of technology. My approach will be essentially pragmatic, that is to say, I am less concerned with developing theories, writing papers and giving lectures than with getting results. Therefore, not everything will be rigorous. I shall be particularly concerned with RDD&D, i.e. research, development, demonstration and deployment. Once upon a time people spoke only of research; then they began to speak about R&D; then it was appreciated that more attention had to be given to the further phase of demonstration; more recently, particularly in the United States, it has become fashionable to add deployment; and so we have this elaborate concept of RDD&D, essentially lengthening the innovation process, and I shall be discussing the relevance of this to energy conservation.


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