Upper Marginal Dimensionality. Concept and Experiment

  • Jens Als-Nielsen
  • Ib Laursen
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 50)


A broad class of second-order phase transitions have the same qualitative features. In order to describe these it is convenient to use the nomenclature of one particular type of system, and we shall chose the language of magnetic systems. It is emphasized that simply by changing a few words the following description may be adapted to describe any second-order phase transition; for example, in the case of the gas-liquid transition around the critical point insert “density” for “magnetization”, “pressure” for “magnetic field”, and “compressibility” for “susceptibility”.


Critical Behavior Correlation Range Field Behavior Tetragonal Axis Ising Ferromagnet 
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  2. 2.Lab. ElectrophysicsTechnical UniversityLyngbyDenmark

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