A Macrophage Cell Surface Antigen

  • J. D. Stinnett
  • P. S. Morahan
  • A. M. Kaplan
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 73)


Although biochemical studies on macrophage membranes have been performed (21), there is no gross chemical basis to distinguish phagocytes from non-phagocytic cells. By using intact cells for functional study, instead of isolated membrane preparations for gross chemical comparisons, certain interesting aspects of phagocytic function have emerged. One has been the plethora of “receptors” found on the macrophage cell surface. Macrophages express receptors for the Fc portion of immunoglobulin and the third component of complement (4,17,19,26). Moreover, the chemoattractant properties of certain compounds for macrophages, including products of the complement pathway (C3 and C5 activation products), implies the presence of receptors for these molecules as well (2,3,42). Macrophages can also “acquire” antigen specific receptors from T-cells rendering them cytotoxic to cells bearing those antigens, i.e., “armed” macrophages (11). Other lymphocyte products including migration inhibitory factor (MIF) also seem to act on macrophages via cell-surface receptors (35). Finally, macrophages non-specifically activated by numerous synthetic and biologic agents can selectively kill tumor cells, while having little or no cytocidal activity against normal cells (14,15,20). This event, also, most probably requires a recognition at the cell surface. Receptors are also responsible for the binding and subsequent phagocytosis of foreign bodies by macrophages, the alteration of phagocytic function by soluble lymphocyte products and the regulation of the phagocytic state of macrophages by hormones.


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