Nuclear Receptor · Estrogen Complexes of Rat Uteri:

Concentration-Time-Response Parameters
  • J. H. Clark
  • J. N. Anderson
  • E. J. PeckJr.
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 36)


Estrogen sensitive tissues contain macromolecules called receptors, R, that bind estrogen, E, in a stereospecific manner. This binding interaction is generally considered to be a prerequisite for estrogen-induced responses (1,2,3). The formation of the receptor estrogen complex, R·E, occurs in the cytoplasm of estrogen sensitive cells, and this complex is translocated to the nucleus where it is probably bound to acceptor sites on the chromatin (1,2, 4). The interaction of R·E with acceptor sites in the nucleus is considered to be important in the stimulation of RNA synthesis which ultimately results in estrogen-induced responses (4–8). Most of these conclusions have arisen from experiments with uterine tissue in vitro or under cell free conditions. Little is known about the relationship between the receptor·estradiol interaction and estrogen-induced responses in vivo. The purpose of the following experiments is to describe the relationships between the receptor estrogen interaction and estrogenic responses under physiologic circumstances.


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