Tumour Growth in Relation to the Immunological Environment

  • A. C. Riches
  • D. Brynmor Thomas
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 15)


Malignant change in somatic cell populations may be a relatively common event (1) but the subsequent development of tumours may usually be prevented by the operation of immunological surveillance mechanisms (2,3). The immunological environment of the host may thus play an important role in the regulation of tumour growth and metastasis. Attempts to utilize immunotherapy to control the growth of tumours have, however, been unsuccessful (4,5), although recent attempts to stimulate host responses have achieved an encouraging degree of success (6,7). This has emphasized the urgent need for precise information about the immunological mechanisms and the cell populations which may influence tumour growth. We have been accumulating such information in a series of experiments in which factors affecting the growth of implants of a spontaneous murine mammary adenocarcinoma have been analysed (8,9).


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  • D. Brynmor Thomas
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